Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What would our world be tomorrow if every woman cast an informed uncoerced vote today?

. Shall we imagine.

Since when have women had the right to vote in almost every country? 
 Answer:  Since NOW

.Our position is unprecedented .
Thanks to yesterday's women and current endevours we have a choice. 
In the political world, we are in play.

It is our right to vote.

How can all women vote against all odds?

How does a woman vote when a husband directs his gaze upon her?
How does a woman vote when brandished with a gun?
How does a woman nurture children when voting can take days?
Who earns her income? 
Which woman risks her life to vote?

How does she vote when overwhelmingly it is woman who can not read and write?
How do we instil the importance of this basic civil act in our youth?
How do we reignite the apathetic & awaken the unknowing?
How do we give hope to those who think one vote does not count?

How do we ensure elections are free and fair?
How do we ensure there is a candidate to advocate for us?

How do we get there?

The Woman's Vote has been a dream, one threaded through into reality.
Do we let it fray?  
Do we stop treading for peace on earth?

With odds against us, our time calls.
We continue to further our position, we try. 
Tomorrow is tomorrow, today is NOW.

As sure as sunrise can seem a dream, it is real to us.  
What new light will this day bring?

Can we achieve what's not been done?

What would our world be tomorrow if every woman voted today? 

What will we hear when
Women Everywhere Always Vote at Elections.

.we weave.

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